NexG Workpant by GS Workwear Division

The first thing to note when you put these trousers on is that they are very comfortable to wear. The trousers feature ergonomically designed legs and a fitted lining, so that they follow all body movements. The gussets made from elastic fabric, especially around the knees, leads to increased freedom of movement, particularly when working on your knees. Extra comfort in hot conditions has also been thought of, with ventilation ducts around the back of the knees, where it can often be especially warm when using knee pads. 

The real motive behind the development of our NexG Work-pant is to ensure that the garments doesn’t become a hindrance to flexibility and hard work. Our work-pants ensure that longevity of the garment with much confidence in its performance is enjoyed and cherished by the worker and the bosses.

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