Flame Resistant Fabrics



Flame Resistant Fabrics


 INHERENT and ENGINEERED are the two terms used most to distinguish between FR fabrics. The difference between engineered and inherently flame resistant fabrics relates to the process used in making the final product flame resistant and can be described as:


INHERENTLY Flame Resistant Fabrics, like Nomex®IIIA, Teijinconnex, Lenzing FR, Kermel etc. are made using fibers that are innately flame resistant. The flame resistant properties cannot be degraded through regular use or laundering. Nomex®IIIA fabrics are made from fibers that are not flammable, from an FR polymer base; these fabrics are flame resistant from the start and do not go through a treatment process to become flame resistant. With the R&D and economies in the production the branded fibers are now complimented with more generic version of the fibers like Aramid, Modacrylic, FR-Viscose, FR-Bamboo, Lyocell etc. 


ENGINEERED FR Fabrics, like Pyrovatex, PROBAN® and Indura® undergo a process during manufacturing to impart flame resistance onto the fabric fibers. Treated cotton and blended fabrics are given a flame resistant chemical application, which the originally non-FR fabric is immersed in after it is woven together. The treatment chemically changes the fabric, making it flame resistant for the life of the garment. The processes of the treatment vary with the property of Chemical. Engineered FR fabrics are also referred in the industry as Treated FR Fabrics.



Both types of fabrics offer comparable protection. What matters most to wearers is that the FR is guaranteed for the life of the garment, provided that laundering instructions are followed and that no bleach, fabric softener or starch is used during the laundering process since such contaminants can mask the FR properties of the fabric.



Paul Morgan and Stephanie L. Kwolek in 1950s pioneered the development of heat resistant Nomex®  fiber which for the long time enjoyed proven, lightweight and durable solutions for a range of applications and industries​

NOMEX IIIA is a blended combination of Nomex®, Kevlar® and Anti-Static. 

LENZING™ FR is a sustainably produced inherently flame-resistant cellulosic fiber based on Lenzing’s renowned Modal fiber production process. LENZING™ FR is commonly blended with other high performance fibers to produce unique protective solutions for a variety of industrial applications. LENZING™ FR fibers typically contribute both protective qualities and enhanced comfort to these fabric blends

In late 20th Century Teijin developed pathbreaking Twaron®fiber, Since then it has diversified to Teijinconex®, Technora® 

PYROVATEX® CP NEW / CP-LF is a flame-retardant finish for textiles of cellulose fibers and fabric blends

PROBAN® is a quality controlled technological process that gives cotton and cotton-rich woven and knitted textiles flame retardant properties